Personal Details

Before you start online or face-to-face tuition, we need to collect some basic contact information and details about the type and level of tuition that you are looking for.  When you contact us on the contact form, we will email you a form that you can fill in and return to Maths Heaven before the start of tuition.

This form will allow you to tell us all about any special requirements you have, and to disclose any personal or confidential information about yourself.  Only Maths Heaven employees will have access to this information, and it will be stored securely offline.  Maths Heaven Ltd does not share confidential data with any third parties.

Consent Form

In order to participate in online tuition, all tutees must sign or submit our consent form. This is a requirement for online tuition because of the use of webcam and voice communication on Skype.
Persons under the age of 18 must get a parent or legal guardian to sign or submit the consent form before online tuition starts.

If you consent to allow Maths Heaven Ltd to reproduce your image / voice for the purposes of marketing and promotion, you need also to indicate this on the same form. Maths Heaven Ltd will always contact clients to ask permission before recording lessons for promotional purposes, however if you do not wish to allow recordings to be used in this way, please indicate this on the form.  There is no obligation to consent in order to allow participation in online tuition (although we may give you a discount on your tuition!).

Please contact us for further details of online tutoring.