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Welcome! You are one of the first visitors to Maths Heaven…

Welcome to Maths Heaven

You don’t have to love maths to be here… in fact this isn’t designed to be a place for maths-lovers, it’s for all of us out there who just get by with numbers by the skin of our teeth.

I’m Zoe, and I am the Functional Maths Coordinating Lecturer at a large Further Education college in Hampshire.  I’m currently completing a full time MA in Interactive Media at Southampton Solent University, mainly because I wanted to build Maths Heaven and use it to offer maths advice, resources and online tutoring services to anybody who needs it.

Maths is not the most popular school subject – in fact, many people would say it is their least favourite subject.  And in fact, people in the UK, the US and other English speaking countries seem to love to hate maths and we are happy to proclaim it, sometimes quite openly.  But why?  Why is maths such a problem?  Over the next few weeks I’m going to be trawling the web to see if I can find out what makes people reject maths so openly, and see if there are any resources out there that could help to change our negative view of maths and numeracy.

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